Friends of Mineralogy Virginia Chapter Inc.

FMVA was created out of a statewide initiative, known as the Virginia Mineral Project (VMP), to update our state mineralogy book while developing community projects to promote and preserve Virginia’s mineral and mining heritage. Over 2020, clubs and organizations came together under this initiative to engage in dialogue and open discussions about the future preservation of Virginia’s mineral history. Our goal now, as FMVA, is to continue these discussions and develop a relationship between our organization and the state community to promote the knowledge of mineralogy.

Friends of Mineralogy - Virginia Chapter

FMVA is a project-oriented organization comprised of various committees dedicated to specific topics such as safety, education, historical preservation, and research. By engaging in meaningful programs and partnerships with museums, universities, and local clubs, we will develop a state-wide network for mineral education. Despite our state focus, we are dedicated to the broader field of mineralogy. Our team of dedicated and talented mineral enthusiasts from across the state and country will help strengthen your knowledge about minerals and mining in Virginia while learning more about the hobby and study more broadly.

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Current Officers

Thomas N. Hale
Alex Venzke
Kelley Finch
Thomas Girton
Jennifer Weiss
Board Member
August Dietz
Board Member
Jim Doran
Board Member
Casper Voogt